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Sold 7-07

1947 Dodge 2 door business coupe

1948 4 door sed with suicide doors

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The panels fit very well on this car. I believe their is a total of 8 original hubcaps and rims.

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This appears to be the stock motor. The fan is in the trunk.

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The seat frames are all their and the springs appear to be in good shape.

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The only real rust on the car is what you can see on top. The right rear fender is dented.

The chrome is good. Between the two cars their is very nice trim

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The 4 door has front and rear bumper gaurds. The center piece for the hood is in the car.

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The dash is very nice on the 4 door. The clock is out but I have it. Its in good shape.

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Suicide doors fenders have a few wrinkles on this side of the car the other side is straight.

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The interior is complete and the chrome is very good on the decklid and dash.

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Some one was trying to make a sleeper out of it by installing a Chrysler Spitfire motor.

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