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1970 383 4 spd Cuda $7,500

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Original 1970 Cuda BS23N 4 speed car. Dash is gone no id plates. This car would make a great SCCA Vintage car to Run as a Dan Gurney or Swede Savage AAR Cuda. This car was barred in the early eighties to run circle track dirt. Their is no rust in this car. The rear clip and roof are extremely clean. The car will come with a set of bumpers and the hood wich is a nice fiberglass piece. This car has never been raced since it was fully barred. Has Nascar torsion bar on right side. Has 6 pack k frame with skid plate. Manual 11" drum brakes still has cluctch pedal setup inside car.  Front fenders have been trimmed for tire clearance. Has 8 3/4 rear and front sway bar. No other parts with this car what you see is what you get with the exception of the pair of bumpers with brackets.

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