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1964 Sport Fury 426 4 speed

Getting painted.. This was made into a drag car in the late 60's.

Fenderwells were cut for Headers.

It had a straight front axle with leaf springs. Rear fenderwells cut and radiused.


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With new interior installed No more rollbar.

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New carpet. Gauges reinstalled radio delete plate is going in


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Last registered 1965.

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Max wedge Pistons 12.5 to 1 and new Mopar Performance Max wedge heads.

In the engine room ready to go go....

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A new Moser Dana 60 with 4.86 gears and Detroit locker.

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On the left Fenderwell headers for the Nostalgic look.. It will be in before you know it..

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At the alignment shop.

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King of the Road.

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