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1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Originally a 383 4spd Now it has a 440 with Six pack rods forged TRW flat tops Direct Connection 557 purple cam. 4.86 Richmond Pro Gears and full spool strange 35 spline axles and a custom 3 inch exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers Mickey Thompson Street ET tires. Holley 980 cfm. Fiberglass hinged hood.

Last ran April 2005. ran my best time 12.82 1/4 @ 108 mph. At vegas

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The car was completely restored in our garage start to finish it took about 6 months.

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Ready to run.

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The night before mopars at the strip. Street Wars at Vegas.

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I finished in second in the street division. I missed a shift on the last run but cut a .001 light.

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