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We raced Corona Raceway, Ascot Park, and Pearsonville Speedway from 1977 through 1988. We won a few championships and had a lot of good times Here I am going to post pictures of the cars that we ran and as I have time I may post pics from the programs that I still have. 

"All photos on this page are property of this website they were taken professionally by Earl Stubbs racing photography out of Azusa California do not reproduce without permission of this website you can email below."

CORONA Raceway located off the 91 Frwy off of Pierce street. Now an apartment and housing community. They had a tight 1/4 mile track, a 1/2 mile track, a figure 8 and an off road coarse that went throughout the whole place.

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Our first street stock car I was only 8 when this car was running so I had limited help in maintaining this one. This car ran about 4 full seasons on the 1/4 and the 1/2 mile from 1977 thru 1981. Yes it was a real cuda. This car ran Corona, Pearsonville, Ascot and 605 Speedway on the ashpalt. Below is Corona 1/2 mile open comp race on the right is Ascot 1/4 mile.


Corona Raceway half mile.jpg (1424247 bytes) Ascot quarter mile 70 cuda.jpg (1222437 bytes)

Ascot Park Raceway located in Gardena California. This was a very nice facility it ran a lot of different divisions 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and figure 8 tracks with a large motorcycle jump just on the inside of the front straightaway. We raced limited sportsman 1/2 mile, street stock 1/4 mile and 1/4 mile powder puff, and Enduro races at the track.

Below is a video of Formula S cuda running at an Open comp race at Corona 1/2 mile.

Ascot quarter mile 68 cuda.jpg (1302432 bytes)

Above is our second car that we ran a 1968 383 4bbl 4spd formula S car. We only ran the car for about a year when it met an untimely death on the back stretch of the 1/4 mile at Corona Raceway. They had a motorcycle track for the back strectch wall with a set of moguls in it he got clipped by a lap car while going for the lead and the car rolled about six times. McCreary race tires on the back you could look at these and they would go flat from the sidewalls were so thin.

In this video is our old Enduro car a 1966 Dodge Coronet 4dr that is spanking the competition.

Ascot quarter mile .jpg (1190240 bytes) Ascot half mile.jpg (1109043 bytes)

The third car we ran is our 1969 roadrunner 4spd car we put the cage from the 68 cuda into it and ran from 1983 thru 1991 with it. It started as a limited sportsman 1/2 mile car at Ascot park and turned into a street stock. We won a lot of races in the car. This car ran Ascot Pearsonville and a few races at Indian dunes, Victorville raceway, Blythe Racetrack at the fairgrounds, Oildale raceway where it was rolled..

#17 ascot halfmile.jpg (1812944 bytes)

Pearsonville Speedway just off the 395 hwy. It wasn't the most beautifull racetrack we ran but it was probably the most fun we ran There from 1978 through 1999 winning a few streetstock championships along the way. It was a banked 1/4 mile oval that occasionally ran figure 8 races.  Below is the car after a hard run at Pearsonville, notice the front bumper missing..

Pearsonville win.jpg (1051614 bytes)

Here is a video of the car winning at Pearsonville.


Below left another win, and right side is a picture of my sisters first car a beautiful 1968 Roadrunner. We ran this car in quite a few bomber races and powderpuffs. It was rolled at Ascot park by my sister and later that night my dad won the main in the same car. Notice the black and yellow california plates. This car was also launched by my sister on the front stretch at Pearsonville after running over an axle and wheel assembly off of a Chevy. It looked liked dukes of hazard complete with all four wheels off the ground. The axle came up and caught the steering box and broke the lower shaft in half. Luckily it didn't come through the floorboard. This car was finally put to rest after slamming head first with my other sister driving it into the front straightaway wall at Pearsonville. It kinked the whole car.

pearsonville win 2.jpg (918754 bytes) pearsonville #16.jpg (1383860 bytes)

Below is the current stock car we are running at Perris Speedway 1/2 mile.

17 race car.jpg (32056 bytes) 17 race car 2.jpg (30388 bytes)



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