This page marks one of the most meaningful projects we have ever worked on as a family. It also was one of the fastest projects we have ever completed thanks to the help of so many generous people.
On May 4th, 2014 Tom Kinnane, the father of all Kinnanes in SoCal, who created this legacy of classic car enthusiasts, racers, and speed demons sadly was taken from us as he slept in the night. Within a week plans had already began to honor "Grandpa" Kinnane in the best way we thought possible, we would be attempting to recreate his original Dirt Track Car, a 1970 Plymouth Cuda.
Lucky for us, we already had the car we needed for such a project sitting in our backyard, barred up in the 80s for dirt track, but never raced. So now all that was needed was manhours.

David Blair, seen below on the right and left pictures, was generous enough to donate an almost completely refurbished engine to the project. The transmission came from the older engine (pictured above) which Austin was cleaning up. Got pretty far on day one!

Just a few of the people pictured above include; Darryl, James, Sean, and Austin Kinnane, Dave Blair, Josh and Tabby Scholl, Tommy Baker, Johnny Koepp, and Lowell Schaper. Thanks for all your help! Approaching the end of Day 3, we were determined to get that engine compartment ready to go and have the engine in by that night.

So we finally had the Engine in, now there was just a few more things to do before we could finally hear the beast run. This is exactly what "Grandpa" Kinnane would have wanted. Family and friends working together in the barn, drinking, sharing memories, just having a good time doing what we love.

Missed a few pictures between getting the car running and finishing up the paint / decals. Below is the first showing of the car at "Grandpa" Tom Kinnane's memorial service on our lake property at Lake Elsinore. Glad we could finish in time for all the family to get a glimpse at one of Tom's greatest passions.