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Dance Dance Revolution 2. This is a new unopened NIB game.

I got 2 and am selling this one. It is a fun game.. DDR 2

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These brackets are the ones that go on top of the valve covers. They are I believe to be very hard to find. These are originals. They came off of a big block ford engine believed to fit 410 427 pent roof valve covers. They hold the spark plug wire loom ....  Cobra Mustang flagani.gif (5140 bytes)

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This is what is left of my 1970 Challenger 383 4bbl R/T SE. There is a clear pinkslip

A fender tag, A dash tag,  and a core support id #. I believe I have the number that goes

on the cowl support also. I scrapped it in the 80's and I kept these as a token of the car

ownership. I also have the rear window plug and glass but no interior trim. The car was

F8 green with black leather interior. Ralley cluster and aircondition with hood pins.

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