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James and Chris have a similair story to ours. In 1977 james bought a body in white from Cotton Owens, to build a superspeedway car. he bought most eveything needed from Petty enterprises, but had the car built locally(jacksonville florida). after the car was built, it was stolen, someone thought it was a real Petty car, apparently. fast forward to   2000. James and Chris had picked up a 73 charger, and wanted to build another race car(as you can tell, we are both nascar old school fans). as we tried to find some very specific parts, we got a call from Pat Mckinney, who ended up with the winston show car. he gave us info on a car in north carolina. we got in touch with him, and ended up buying GC Spencers 78 dodge magnum, retired at the end of the 78 season. the magnum body was too far gone to restore(20+ years of sitting in a dirt floor barn does that), so we reskinned it with a 73 charger body, as it would appear from the 73 thru the 77 seasons. we are still in the process of restoring the car. I would like to have the car done before speedweeks in daytona, as its the 50th anniversary, and GC was an early hero of daytona. Chris

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