We bought this car out of LA in August 2013 for about $600. This thing was a wreck when we got it! It was a 90 Suzuki Swift with *120XXX on it (...yeah right, more like 220XXX at least!). Luckily we had just about everything needed initially to repair it thanks to the 94 Geo Metro that's been sitting around here for about a year now.

Things done so far:
Swapped out the doors, front fenders and hood to replace the severely dented ones that were on it, complete overhaul of the interior (used tons of parts from the Metro for this part) this includes carpet, interior panels, seats, console, pretty much everything except the headliner and the dash was stripped out.

Replaced the shift linkage and the Shifter (some reason it had been cut down to a tiny little peg by the previous owner???). Ignition, door locks and hatch lock all swapped with the Geo (the swift started with a screwdriver when it was bought..).

Installed an aftermarket radio and used the speakers off the Geo to get a stereo system going, removed the annoying door / seatbelt / lighting alarm. New rotors, brakes, distributor cap and rotor, new belts, spark plug wires, plugs, timing adjusted correctly, adjusted the e-brake and clutch cable. New tires 155/80 13's, also added beauty rings since we had them sitting around.

Extra things:
Mounted a sweet chrome brushgaurd on the front with offroad lights. Got a Chevy roof rack from a van and cut it down / mounted it. Mazda Speed seats from the junkyard mounted to original seat brackets with some welding adjustments.