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Cotton Owens / Marty Robbins Dodge magnum.

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Watch the Marty Robbins Car going around Willow Springs from inside a Dodge Daytona.

Mopars in the Spring Track Days 5-1-2008


Above a Blairvideo.com production.

David Tom has done some great stories on the car above and below in

Vintage Oval Racing magazine. Check out his website.


Check out the Stock Cars 115" to the left.

we have started restoration on

Richard Petty's first STP dodge charger

one of his 1972 Championship Cars.

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or the Petty Project   Button to the right to find out the details.

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The petty project takes shape.

Weeks into the project, picture below taken July, 2007. (last updated April 2009)

Click on the picture or check out the Petty Project on the left...

1971 charger week 4 body mounted (61183 bytes)

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Above is a picture of the car going around Perris Speedway.

A video from the Factory Stock Races at Perris Speedway May 17, 2008.

Video above supplied by BlairVideo.com click this link to go to the site.

Transfering the following formats: VHS. Hi-8. VHS-C. SVHS Beta. Mini-DV.
8 mm & 16mm film.
35 mm slides & more

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Some early hemi's


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On the way home from the races Feb, 08 click picture to see more.

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Demolition derby pictures

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MoPar stuff for Your Direct Connection Ride

MoPar Whats new......

Wow its the middle of 09 and we are going to start selling some of our cars off. Not by choice but by needing the funds to complete the Petty car and to complete some of our other projects. Look for a 71 Charger SE 383 4bbl. and 70 Cuda 383 4bbl Hemi orange car with a 440 in it. Possibly a couple other cars. 69 coronet R/T needs everything. 70 Roadrunner needs everything.

We finished 3rd in points at Perris due to an engine problem at the last race. The Petty car is coming along the body is done, just sheetmetal and mechanicals left. We are going to resume the 1958 Ford project assembling the 292 Y block.

We had a busy weekend they ran our make up race and our regular event, we got second place in both main events. We are running second in points. We also took 1st place with the Marty Robbins car on Sunday at the local all mopar car show. April 20, 2008.

We went to our second event with the factory stock and won the heat race but the main event was rained out. The next event is at Perris Speedway on May 5th.

The Petty project is being worked on slowly but surely, we are getting the Marty Robbins car ready for a test run at Willow Springs hopefull by the end of February, also we  are getting the street stock ready for a new All American class at Perris Speedway.

We now have the last of the body pieces we need to complete the project. We picked up a 1971 Charger.

We just purchased a 72 Charger to start our Petty project.

We picked up a couple of old hemi's one 354 and one 392..

We are starting an Adam 12 replica of the 1968 Belvedere 4 door. I will be adding pictures later.  This project has been put on hold.

Check out the new Truck parts page I have a limited amount of parts and supply but they are NOS from military surplus. Click the link on the left.

Check out the Recycler link above .. Updated daily..

I have added pictures of our 1958 Ford Custom 300 on the bottom left. I know its a Ford but its a cool car and it was cheap..

Check out looneytunes Roadrunner for hours of fun games cartoon shorts.

Front suspension rebuilding service using just suspension, energy, or pst kits done in different cost and quality groups.

Motor mounts factory style motor mount that never break and still have the rubber cushion to keep the vibrations away. keep checking back for pictures...........
Email with questions. Click the bird on the bottom of the Page.

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Over 400 personal and 50 Mopar related business web sites can be found within the Mopar Webring. It provides a great opportunity for Mopar enthusiasts to find other owners and devotees of Mopar, and exchange information. The ring is also a great resource for locating companies offering parts or services for your Mopar.

Just ran my 69 road runner click on My Cars on left to see.  February 16, 2002.
Update I went to the drags and did one break in run on the second run I broke a rear axle. Sheared off at the third member. Next street drags January 25.
Update January 25  I ran my best at 13.32 1/4 @ 106.8 mph. My burnout needs work, the car drifts before I can heat the tires, I think I am going to install a line lock.
I installed a line lock and a bigger 900cfm Holley and ran 12.82 1/4 @ 107.9 mph. Jan. 2004.
I am goin to Vegas in another week for the second year I broke 2 axles last year but got my car in mopar muscle magazine. Its a pretty fun event for everyone..
I finished second in class. Mopars at Vegas 2005, not bad for a four speed..
I would like E-mail from anyone interested in seeing old home videos of our stock car in action. These are videos from 1969 to 1989 Mainly of our old mopar racers 63 Sport Fury at Irwindale drags Orange county drags. 70 cuda, 69 formula S cuda, 69 Road Runner, running 1/4 mile dirt tracks at Corona Raceway, Pearsonville Raceway, Ascot Raceway. Lots of chevys and fords in videos also. I can make either VHS or DVD, again please email if interested...   
This is hopefully a resource page for mopar muscle car enthusiasts. I will update with more links and products as time permits. This is a hobby for me. This site is seriously under construction please check back thanks. Some pages have a lot of photos so it takes a while to download. This site created at 800 x 600 resolution.


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