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I have seen some pictures of Vintage Nascar and Drag Racing Haulers around the internet and I am placing them here they come from various sites.

Vintage Nascar Haulers. Grand National Stock Car Transporters.

The one below is actually for sale locally, made by Ray Nichels.

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This one below is very similar to the one above it may be the same truck.

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BELOW: Nascar #6 Soapy Castles personal race car hauler, also used in several movies
Rare one of a kind......Custom Built by Dodge 1977 Dodge D700 w/ 5speed- 2speed rear
52,000 original miles Air Brakes Power Steering
Large drive on bed accommodates cars and trucks w/ underbody tool boxes
10,000 lb winch 10.00x22 Tires Custom Interior with Console, bucket seats, special upholstery
In Dash Air Power Windows and Locks Please Call 704-608             5-13-09 Craigslist.

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Vintage Drag Car Haulers.

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