The Project has taken quite a while to get going but now is the time. (2007) We just picked up a 1971 Body from Rudy in Ridgecrest. This body is going to be perfect donor for the project. It was a 318 auto that had been sitting for 25 years in the high desert of California so there is no rust (see below).

The other charger we picked up (see below) had been sitting just below San Francisco, so the body had a lot of rust on it. The car, however, still has a lot of good parts including; the buldge hood, the bumpers and grill section, and lower valance. Thanks to Brian for selling us this car for the project. He met us half way in Fresno to pick up the car. Notice the 77 Dodge Truck.

We started tearing down the Magnum body. This was hard to do, but I believe the end result will be worth it. Lets get to it. Day 1 of the project.