This unique car has a lot of history behind it, from all the changes made to it during the time Marty Robbins owned it to where it stands today in our garage. See more on the history of the car below.

We bought this car back in 2006 from the Talladega Motorsports Hall of Fame and have since done an engine swap to replace the frozen motor it had while sitting in the museum. We have also taken it on a few test runs (seen below touring at Willow Springs Road Course).

Below is a couple pictures from Mopars at the School for the Deaf in Riverside. We won first place 4-20-08.

We went to see Cotton Owens on Sept 16, 2006 for a party and reunion. Cotton was more than a gentleman, he came out and signed the car.

Drivers and car builders in attendance: Cotton Owens, Junior Johnson, Ray Fox, Glenn Wood, David Pearson, Ned Jarret, Charlie Glotzbach, Marvin Panch, Juney Dunleavy, Rex White. Also there but not pictured were Neil Castles and "Tiger" Tom Pistone. Email me and I will add the names I left out.

While at the party we got to talk to a lot of people who either worked on the car or remembered it. Thanks for all the stories. I would still like to hear from anyone that wants to share anything on Cotton Owens, the car, or Marty Robbins.

We appreciate the invite and the hospitality given. Thanks again.