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This is what happens when you collect mopar stuff for 20 + years you cant see everything but this is a good portion of our stuff. Below is pictures of the garages and some of the cars. On right under cover is 3 70 Road runners one 69 coronet.

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68 Charger R/T perfect body on right is small block parts mostly some bigblocks.

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Radiators W2 Heads and intakes big blocks on same shelf right is 340 sixpack max wedge various 2 4bbl and 3 2bbl 340 x

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70 cuda 4spd on left 65 bel 1 67 New yorker and Magnum on right and a couple of big blocks under tarps.

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65 Satellite conv and 62 300 H in back on right Heaters Buckets and Dashboards

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Arm rests Hub caps misc. on Right 440 six packs Long rams Max Wedge various air cleaners Police Siren.

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Lots of sheetmetal 68 road runner 69 coronet wagon on right 64 polara 70 cuda 70 satellite 4dr.

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69 coronet R/T 70 GTX sixpack 4spd on right 64 sport fury 78 petty magnum.

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Ralley wheels on right heads and rearends.

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Parts and lots of bigblocks some small blocks.

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727 trans's swaybars and more bigblocks.

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Charger and road runner doors 70 swinger 68 coronet circle track dirt car on right 79 ramcharger 65 dart.

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