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Tom Baker's Frank Warren Magnum

As told by Tom Baker

The short 'n quick story behind this is that I was a part-time "helper" for frank when I lived in Charlotte. He was and still is one of my favorite all time drivers so it was a thrill to try and help him. The first time it was just me and him getting the car ready for Talledega and he went down there and qualified 9th!!!! So that was a major hilight of the racing stuff I've done over the years.

I always wanted to build a full size and drivable replica of that '79 Magnum and after moving to Michigan in 1989...saw one setting at a house about 1998 or so. I looked up the address and gave him a call. The neat thing was...the name was Warner (Warren respelled) and the phone number ended in "79"!!!! Bougt it for $120 and drove it home!!

It stayed stored in my pole building all this time and when I found out about the Vintage Oval Racing group and the events they have, started turning it into the replica I wanted!!!

With some GREAT help from some good friends (David Bowers, Bob Shirk, and Barry Anderson)...and a special effort to Dave's Auto Clinic here in Fremont that got it running "right" to make it on track...we made the Darlington Historic Racing Festival and ran the car in all 4 track sessions!!!

Can't wait to have the Magnum in cars shows or whatever here in Michigan next year...and maybe a return to the Second Darlington 'Festival!!!


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